You hate yourself because maybe you regret something you did in the past and feel really bad about it like remorse, or maybe someone said loads of negative things to you and as a result you believe what they said so it's scarred you.

So you have to let it go and start appreciate yourself again. Find positive things about yourself. Things you think you are good at, or you like about your body or personality and you have to let it go. The past is the past. it's now that matters. The new you. The love you.

And if someone said something then who cares because when they told you these things they were not feeling good themselves so they said horrible stuff so you have to let it go. You just have to let it go and start a new life happy and in love with yourself appreciating yourself. You have to let it go.

What if the hate towards yourself is too strong? then you have to release all that negative energy inside of you then naturally you will start appreciating yourself and your life will change. When you start to appreciate yourself the people around you will treat you differently and better. You will notice it and you will think wow, so if it's really strong then you have to release all the negative energy first then you can leap forward.