Manifest is when it comes. You could have a positive manifestation or a negative manifestation.​

If you are thinking good thoughts and focused on your desire then it will appear. If you are thinking negative thoughts then a negative manifestation could appear.

When we believe something we get it - positive or negative.

If we want something, but we do not believe it, due to past things that may have happened to us, or we want something, but at the some time, we also do not want it like i want this but....

Then we get stuck and it does not come.

So we have to get to belief on that desire.

If loads of things have happened in the past, and we just can not get to belief, then we have to remove that emotional negative baggage so we naturally start to believe it.

Like someone could want a partner, however they just can't get there, to belief, because of past partners. what they may have said or done, or the pain of the past relationship, so we are saying i want this, but....i don't want it because of my past.

So we have to clean it up.

Naturally it is easier to believe, so if the past emotional baggage is released then it will be easier to believe it so we can manifest it.

Hope this makes sense!

also when we are trying to believe, the belief may not stick, one day we believe it, the other day we do not, but if we keep focusing on the desire it will turn to constant belief then it will appear.

How? any idea may appear, or you may get a hunch. Or it may just show up for you.

Key is knowing where you are with that desire.

If you feel good about it you're on the right track.

if you feel not so good, there is work to do 

If you feel really really bad about it a lot of work is required.

That's why ideas are not flowing in regards to that desire and you feel stuck, that you can do anything and you feel stuck in a rut