You are probably not feeling so good now. That's why you are reading this article. You want to feel better, but the negative emotion or pain just keeps flipping dragging you down all the time. Like it's in you. First you have to release all of that then naturally you will feel better. You have to release it all. 

The other option to feel better is to find a way to feel better in this moment.

So wherever you are now

ask yourself

how can i feel better now?

not happy, just how can i feel better now.

Then do that thing.

Then after doing that thing ask again how can i feel better now. what can i do to feel better? then do that thing.

if you keep feeling better then slowly you will start to realise a shift in your day and by the end of the day you will be feeling really happy. Try it.

Now when you do the above process, something could happen that brings you back down.

So don't despair. start again. see it as a game. Like the game snakes and ladders.

So something brought you back down. so ask yourself what can i do to feel better.

And it works. I've done it. My kids do it. It works then it becomes a good habit.

Best of Luck