falling apart is when you feel like everything is just crumbling. Good things are turning sour. everything is going wrong. You have 2 options.
1st option is you have not think of what is happening. Instead just all day find a way to feel good. Whatever makes you feel good. Cut off. even if it's taking a break and not thinking about it then do it and the negative momentum of what is happening will start to weaken. it may not fully go but it will weaken. things will start to get better and you have to keep moving away from the negative momentum. don't think about it.
The second option you have to tackle the negative emotion and momentum. you have to release the negative emotion. the negative energy and the momentum will start to fade. the more you release the more you will feel better and start seeing an improvement in things but you can't think about it because if you do then it gets worse. You have to release it all out. take it all out and it will weaken. it will