Hi I am Ibrahim from the UK. Twice in my life I fell, hit rock bottom, from happiness. I wanted to know why?

why did i fall? twice?

The first time i was hit hard. I went to prison for 2 months for white collar crime. I wasn't even that involved. I was naïve. I came back stronger. I reformed. Become a better person. Re-built my life from losing things.

The second time was a slowly but sure gradual 6 years decline and fall. Again I lost so much. How could this be? why? I haven't done anything wrong. I just hit depression. Lost my business, Finances, relations went sour. My health deteriorated. So I was doing well, was happy, and slowly everything just without a reason started to decline.

I had to find the answer.

I spent 10000's of hours researching. Reading books, watching you tube clips, doing courses from mentors and experts, re-reading books, analysing. By learning from the experts I got my answer. The secrets. why?

and I finally got it. Why all this happened. Misfortune. 

From fortune to misfortune.

Now I help others get back. They may stuck in anxiety and severe anxiety. I help them overcome it fast. I am now a certificated coach, and is my joy to help others. Help others get back on track. Help others find clarity in a situation. I hope i can help you.