Sometimes in life we fall. We sink. On certain topics of our lives. The worser it get the worser it gets. I help people get back on track. To help them from sinking. I help them get back through strategies. I've sunk twice and I've come back twice. I wanted to know why i fell twice. I spent 10,000 hours approx researching through books, videos, courses and mentors to help me discover the secrets and how to bounce back and why it happens in the first place.
I am now a certified coach and i specialise in bounce back strategies.
Just one strategy for you to follow with a follow up if required to see how you are doing.
I know how to get back. Sometimes we need a helping hand. I want to help you.
You have to tell me what is going on in your life. What you are struggling with and i help you via email or a telephone call with a custom strategy for you based on how you are feeling and what you have told me. They are easy strategies. More like hacks that will help you steadily get back and i am there to support you.

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About Me

I help people overcome anxiety - fast. I have studied for 5 years and 10000's of hours researching emotion. I overcame anxiety and severe anxiety and depression. I am now a certificated coach and i hope I can help you too. 

Bounce Back Coach/Strategist